Mission & Vision

Our mission at Kathak Beats is to instill a love for dance, while inspiring self-confidence, discipline and respect of the performing arts. We provide a solid technical foundation for the developing dancer. We advocate the study of Authentic Kathak as a foundation to instill an awareness of poise, alignment and technique. Our goal is to give each individual dancer the tools they need to take dance as far as they dream to take it.We believe if you can dream it you can achieve it!

We are focused at identifying the specific needs of each student and believe in providing to them an enriching education. We recognize that every student has something to offer to the art and that the art has everything to give to every student.

We understand that the heart of a dancer is born into many different bodies and the love of dance can take on many different styles. Once a dancer always a dancer and dance is something students can come back to during all stages of their life. We urge each student to strive daily to give their personal best, as well as to support one another in fostering a sense of teamwork in the classroom.

Our Vision is to develop well-prepared dancers who can carry the tradition through their lifetime. To help provide education that contributes to the development of responsible, dedicated, determined, and creative adults in society. We strive to bring discipline, focus and artistic enlightenment through dance that helps create success in all aspects of our students life.

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